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El Salvador Travel Resources

Guidebooks and other references:

The only guidebook covering the country in depth is Lonely Planet Nicaragua & El Salvador. Otherwise, you'll have to depend on guidebooks published by Footprint, Rough Guides, Lonely Planet, or Fodor's that cover all of Central America. If you're a surfer, check out Wave-finder: Central America, by Terry Gibson.

Web sites:

Trying to find reliable travel information about El Salvador on the Internet is frustrating. Because the country draws so few tourists from outside Central America, there's not much incentive to build extensive resource sites, and few local tour groups attract enough business to put a major effort into publicity. At least the country's own official tourism site, http://www.elsalvadorturismo.gob.sv , now has an English version. The Other El Salvador ( http://www.theotherelsalvador.com) and Gateway El Salvador ( http://www.gatewayelsalvador.com) have helpful links and information for exploring the country. Tim's El Salvador Blog offers insight (in English) about what's happening in the country: http://www.luterano.blogspot.com.

Suchitoto has an official site in English ( www.suchitoto-el-salvador.com/english) as well as a commercial one with additional information and hotel links ( www.gaesuchitoto.com).

For surf conditions and maps, see Punta Mango Surf Trips at www.puntamango.com.

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